Times, Location and names of speakers

See description of the topics to be presented under the speakers bios below or click on the name and go straight to the description of the presentation.

TIME Buddy Rogers Wings Theatre   Major General Ken Miles Aviation Science Center   Conference Room Second Floor
9:00 AM         VE Testing
10:00 AM Gordon West   Dick Norton ARRL  
11:00 AM Vincent Bataglia & Patrick Sheehan   Clint Bradford  
12:00 PM Dr. Kate Hutton   Don Minkoff NK6A and Wayne Burdick K6KR  
1:00 PM Hal Kemper   Janet Margelli  
2:00 PM Kevin Zanjani   Kristen McIntyre   Dennis Kidder W6DQ
3:00 PM Cecil Casillas & Michael Rickey   Bob Brehm, AK6R   Chip Margelli