VE Testing

VE Team Testing for Technician, General and Extra Class Licenses

9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Test needs to be started by noon).
In the Conference Room on the second floor.

Important Notice: f you do not have a FRN (FCC Registration Number) when you sign up for the exam you will have to enter your Social Security Number for identification. This may be a problem for visitors from other countries. Please pre-register for your FRN and pring it with you at the following web address: You will be assigned a number as soon as you have finished the registration process.

What to Bring

  • $5 examination fee. Cash only. Exact change is appreciated.
  • Picture ID and one other form of identification
  • If you are upgrading, a photocopy of your amateur radio license that the VE team can keep with your application.
  • A simple calculator, one with no memories or programmability.

On the Day of the Exam

  • Be sure to get the VE Coordinator’s contact information. Business cards should be available when you register. Palm Springs Hamfest does not administer VE testing and cannot  provide information or assistance beyond putting you in touch with the VE team.
  • No study materials are allowed in the testing area.
  • No visitors are allowed in the testing area.
  • Paid admission to the Palm Springs Hamfest is not required to participate in the VE session, we hope you will join us after your test.

Retaking the Exam

If you almost passed the exam on your first try, and would like to try again, you may retake the exam for $5 fee. If you pass your test with few or no errors and would like to try the exam for the next higher class license, you may test without additional charge. Additional testing will be available only as time permits at the sole discretion of the VE Team Coordinator.

Morse Code Not Required

The Morse Code testing requirements for the Amateur Radio Service was eliminated in 2007. Some portions of the ham bands remain reserved for Morse Code use, and the mode remains popular, but Morse testing is no longer a requirement to be licensed.

Contacting the VE Team

VE Team Testing at Palm Springs Hamfest is graciously provided by the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC. Beyond hosting the testing team at Hamfest, the Desert R.A.T.S. and the Palm Springs Hamfest are involved in the testing program.  If you have any questions, please contact the VE team directly.

Also check out the ARRL Getting Licensed web page.