This is an e-mail that we received from one of the vendors at our Hamfest

If one was looking for scores of tailgaters, I guess they were disappointed.

But if you were interested in ATV, there was an hour-long session from an expert in the field.

Or if you were interested in teaching others about amateur radio, Gordon West gave a talk on “educating the educators.”

Or if you were interested in working amateur satellites with only a Watt or two, I had 45 attendees out on the front patio at 10:31 AM while we successfully worked a satellite that was more than 700 miles away from us with a handheld radio set to 2W TX power.

Or if you were interested in disaster preparedness and wanted to know more about what amateur comms hospitals are using in the region, there was a marvelous presentation on that critical topic.

Dr. Kate Hutton gave a presentation on the National Traffic Service that was well-received. In addition to the “traditional” traffic nets, attendees learned how the NTS is now using automatic digital message forwarding on Pactor (NTSD) & radio email via WinLink2000 (WL2K) – as well as other modes.

Then there was a convention room full of vendors – from being able to purchase an antenna adapter to acquiring an Elecraft rig … from a new TRUE dual-receive, dual-band, crossbanding HT for well under $100, to celebrating the FT-60R’s 10th birthday …

And, most importantly of all, coffee was only a buck. With FREE refills for the entire event. (grin)

SO, I am sorry if you were looking for scores of tailgaters with their wares. But for those looking for information about several aspects of this magnificent hobby … or wanting to rub shoulders with industry leaders … or to discover what was new and exciting from major vendors … or looking to support “smaller” vendors who are obviously dedicated to amateur radio … of for a list of raffle prizes that rivaled ANY ham fest you’ve ever attended- then the Palm Springs HamFest was THE place to be last Saturday.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS


We would like to thank these major sponsors and all of our other sponsers for last years Palm Springs Hamfest.

These were were our major sponsor companies with prize donations:


  • Arlan Communications