Hamfest Presentations

Here are the confirmed Presentation and events.

10 AM Presentation - Mike Collis (WA6SVT) talking on ATV

11 AM Presentation - Gordon West (WB6NOA) - TEACHING HAM RADIO WITH DEMOS !

"Gordo" shares all his secrets to classroom success with fellow elmers and instructors . See how Gordo uses live demos to keep students tuned in to text book Q and As . From the inductive reactance ball drop , to the blazing pickle and student-series glowing neon tube , West reveals what it takes for a class success . Free instructor books at the conclusion of the one hour seminar .

1 PM Presentation - April Moell (WA6OPS) - Making Your List and Checking It Twice

 A check list to help your group provide Amateur Radio support for local hospitals (or any other disaster preparedness).

The Hospital Disaster Support Communications System (HDSCS) hdscs.org is a group of about 80 Amateur Radio ("ham") operators who have volunteered to provide backup internal and external communications for critical medical facilities in Orange County, California whenever normal communications are interrupted for any reason. In 2010, HDSCS celebrated its 30th year of service.

2 PM Presentation - Kate Hutton (K6HTN) - The National Traffic System (NTS)

The National Traffic System (NTS) has been relaying short text messages, called radiograms, throughout the US and Canada since the 1940s. We have recently been undergoing some major changes. In addition to the "traditional" traffic nets, we now also have some modern tools, including automatic digital message forwarding on Pactor (NTSD) & radio email via WinLink2000 (WL2K)

Clint Bradford, K6LCS, will attempt to work satellite SO-50

10:25 AM - Clint Bradford, K6LCS, will attempt to work satellite SO-50 as it flies directly over our event Saturday, March 15. The satellite pass only lasts for approx 13 min. Come out in front of the Main Entrance, and look for the ham with the Arrow Antenna pointing skyward. Want to work the pass?
Download the satellite's frequency chart from Clint's Web site at ...http://www.work-sat.com
Clint welcomes pre-hamfest inquiries - if you need any info to help you work this pass, give him a call at 909-241-7666 or send him email to k6lcs@ham-sat.info

The following image show the path of the satellite will take the day of the Hamfest. The date in the image is Year/Month/Day format.